Secure Decentralized Communication Built on Telehash.

Providing the most secure solution for instant messaging, VoIP, and more, between friends.

Built on Telehash

Telehash is a secure transport layer. It is completely decentralized and offers end to end encryption.

Target Features

Rival Messenger is currently under heavy development.

The feature set will include IM with embedded media, file transfer, and VoIP with Video support.

Get Rival

Rival Messenger is currently under development.

The alpha is now available (NOTE: This is ALPHA quality software).

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Follow the Progress

I will keep my projects blog up to date with development progress.

  • “ I hate Skype, we need something better! ” Everyone
  • “ Hurry up and build something! ” Dan's Friends
  • “ Ok fine... I'll do it... ” Daniel Chote