Download Rival

Download rival_latest.dmg, it is the latest alpha build.

The app and bundled frameworks should now be correctly signed, you should be able to run it without changing your security settings. Auto updates via Sparkle should also work after you install this new signed version.

Validate your profile information

The initial profile information is obtained via your local user vCard (maintained in Contacts), or by your user shortname (just the nickname).

You can review/update your profile information on the Profile tab of the Rival Preferences. The fields are editable, you just click on them. You can change your thumbnail by clicking on the thumbnail image. You can also re-import your vCard info by using the "Import from Addressbook" button at the bottom of that tab.

Add some friends

You can add Jeremie and myself for testing, if you don't have any friends of your own.

Daniel's Hashname


Jeremie's Hashname


Please note: Due to the nature of Telehash, there is currently no "offline" mechanisms, you can only add/message people when they are also actively running Rival Messenger. We are busy working on the next generation of Telehash, "offline" functionality is planned!

Track bugs & Feature requests

I have a tracker up on GitHub for bug reports and feature requests. It is available in the Help menu, or here.

  • “ I hate Skype, we need something better! ” Everyone
  • “ Hurry up and build something! ” Dan's Friends
  • “ Ok fine... I'll do it... ” Daniel Chote